We offer a unique algorithm for bringing your website by action factors to the top 10 of Yandex.

  • The site must be in the Top 50 search results
  • The frequency of the request must be at least 2K per month
  • The content of the page must match the request and be optimized for it.


  • Timing - 1 month
  • Work under the contract
  • One request costs 3000 rubles. per month

Business is gradually moving to the online space. On the Internet, contracts are signed, personal products and materials for production are purchased and sold. And every site owner worries about his company being one of the first in the list of search engine results. But how to achieve this?

Using action factors.


They characterize the frequency of site visits by the audience, the amount of time (in minutes and seconds) they spend there. Search systems automatically check such details ranking links by position. If users confirm that the content of the pages is relevant to the headlines by their actions, the site has the chances to be on the top 10 or top 5 of Yandex or Google search results. If most potential customers are more likely to visit other websites, the bots that rank the links will not notice yours at all.


Refusals: The site visitor closes the tab with it after 5 or less seconds from the moment of opening.

Minutes spent on catalog pages and pages with news articles. More length of time of navigating from section to section, reading the provided information - more chances to get on the first positions of search results.

Degree of familiarity with the site. It is important that the potential client visits not only the home page, but also moves further through the catalog, goes to different sections. If he does this, the content turns out to be interesting for him.

Visits to the site over and over again (for example, the page has been added to "Favorites").

In addition, ranking websites, automatic bots do not miss the total traffic of a particular site (unique visitors only) and the number of clicks on links in the search results. Both Yandex and Google rely on action factors when they rank the sites. It’s not enough to have keywords and buy a bunch of links to get to the first lines of search results. Simple methods gradually become ineffective, they need a worthy replacement.


And now a little information on how to optimize action factors, how to attract the attention of bots and visitors to the site.

It is necessary:


to work well on the design, create it interesting, not overloaded with details and color


to organize the menu in such way that the user can find the information he need in as few clicks as possible.


to present content in a pleasant way, insert suitable pictures and tables into it. The article should not be in the form of continuous text. There should be subheadings, lists and blocks that grab attention.

But all this may not be enough to reach the first lines of search results. This applies to those spheres of activity where is a lot of competition: casinos and betting companies. And we offer additional measures to take you to the top 10 — making «real» clients visit you.

We do not instruct hundreds and thousands of people to go to the site and click from section to section. All the work is done by proxy servers based on a well-thought and well-developed script.

This is not cheating. This is active visits. Fake visitors are perceived negatively by search bots and often become the reason for a ban. Visits from our company help to reach the first lines without negative consequences. The main advantage of cooperation with us is significant savings on buying a lot of links.

Visits are organized according to a clear algorithm. Their actions are the same as those of a real person. On some section the server lingers longer, on some it does not switch at all. The bot takes this for real potential buyers of the product or consumers of the service. Increasing the rating, the target audience and profit — are the guaranteed result.

But our method has some limitations. For it to be effective, the promoted request must:

  • be requested up to 2000K per month according to WordStat service
  • be in the top 50

Everything else is our concern. You get a site on the first pages of search results and significantly increase your profits.

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