• Menu and order (with cart and other options)
  • Reservation and booking
  • Coupons and marketing
  • Phone call and address (marks on the map)
  • Location, GEO-coordinate mark (rout making)
  • Content
  • Catalogs
  • Webview


  • PUSH-notifications (info and promotions)
  • Server part (admin panel)
  • Installation and configuration
  • Adding products (up to 50 items are for free)
  • Download from App Store and Play Market

The world is always changing and improving. It is difficult to find a person on the street without a tablet or smartphone. People order food delivery and book plane tickets, watch movies and read books with gadgets. And the owners of large and small cafes should not forget this fact both to be relevant, and to expand the scope of the activity. APPs of catering are already being developed today.

What is an APP for a cafe or restaurant?

Imagine that you once visited a cafe, restaurant, nightclub. You liked the quality of service, prices, menu. And you want to have an opportunity to come here again, book a table for a certain time, relax with your family or friends.

And then the APP saves you. It is a small program with a good design and useful functionality. You turn on the phone and see the logotype of the cafe on the screen. And by the end of the week, desire of visiting becomes so strong that you go to the site and book a table.

And now imagine that you are the manager of this cafe or restaurant. And the APP for you is not just an smartphone screen icon, it is a source of additional profit, increased traffic and customer loyalty. It is difficult to find the best promotion option for your company…

Advantages of APPs for a cafe, restaurant, nightclub

For the management or owner of a cafe and a delivery service, an APP is:

  • networking, informing about new dishes, promotions, discounts, dishes of the day. How can you take a phone number from each client to tell him that there is a discount on salads? And Push-mailing will do it for you every day.
  • messages with cute birthday and other holiday greetings, and at the same time offers to use a unique discount on favorite cocktails or snacks when ordering with delivery
  • acceptance of the order and its quick transmission to kitcheners even before the client sat down at the table
  • collecting positive reviews
  • easy menu amendments. Is there a new dish? Something needs to be removed? The whole operation takes a few minutes. And customers will be immediately aware of this.

And that’s not all. The main thing is that the client pays all attention to this, and he will definitely come again and again.


looking through the menu and prices, choosing dishes for the evening. The waiter does not stand nearby and does not get nervous while waiting, does not try to persuade to take something else from another section of the menu;

booking tables without trying to call the cafe and without talking to the manager. Two clicks, and you can get your evening gown.

bonuses, nice surprises, personal discounts;

the opportunity to order a favorite dish with delivery to home or office.

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