Managers of any company sooner or later will have an idea to create a corporate website. Customers can get an information about the arrival of new products or services with it. Such sites also increase brand awareness, attract new clients, and retain existing ones. The first goal is to determine the best type of site for you, taking into account the problems being solved.

If your path to a successful business just begins, an online business card will work. If you have a large selection of products and plan to develop and expand your scope of activity, it is better to order a full-fledged corporate website now.

It will present your company on the Internet. Therefore, it is clear that you need to carefully select an information about the establishment and current activities and publish it on the pages. A price list with items — required.

A corporate website is convenient site navigation, original design, which suits to the business particularities and feedback button. The potential client should have the opportunity to ask questions about the minimum and maximum batch, delivery period, payment, etc. If you have the correct online platform where an order can be placed in two clicks through the cart, you will be more prestigious in the eyes of buyers and future and current partners.


You don’t need to think about whether you need a corporate website at all. Definitely it should be. And it doesn’t matter if you have a small cafe or a big restaurant. But do not rush to go to the webmaster and order the development of the site. First of all, it is important to find out what problems the Internet access will solve.

Improving the company's image

A company without its own website is not taken seriously. Having received your business card or flyer without seeing the «www. …», potential partners may refuse to cooperate. This function of the corporate site is not a priority. But why should you lose profit just because of the lack of a website?

Dissemination of information about your company and the products

This is one of the important functions. Even if you do not sell at retail, but only work with large customers buying wholesale, they need to be informed about the expansion of the price list and services. The more information your site has about current work and plans for the near future, the less your employees will have to tell about the same on the phone. Potential customers should have an opportunity to find all at once by going to the page. Are there any unanswered questions? The feedback button will help.

More opportunities for the sale of products or services

Now more and more customers prefer online stores to regular ones. They have the opportunity to look through catalogs comfortably, select models in order to compare, check prices from different suppliers. And they don't have to worry, that the store is closing in 10 minutes. If you sell metal-roll, household appliances, wholesale clothing, etc., the corporate website will become an additional sale outlet at the beginning, and after a while will be the main one. The workload of managers who call customers all day long can be reduced.

Creation of conditions for communication with partners, customers, their departments.

Do you need to periodically send and receive a large amount of messages and confidential information? This can be done through your personal account, which is created on the corporate website. The client will always clearly know how much he needs to pay, and the partner will know when the contract will be signed. The advantage of the online platform is the small chances of data loss.

The above functions are significant for a corporate website. And you need to choose the type of site. It is selected after you find out which of the functions is your priority.


The following are the most popular:

Online business card  

Online business card will be useful for a small company that has just started the path to success. It is a presentation of information about activities, management, products and services offered on one or more pages. Plus phone numbers and e-mail addresses for communication.

Further, the online business card can grow into a representation site. It does not have a virtual catalog, but provides comprehensive information about the company.

Online catalog and store  

Online catalog only informs potential customers about goods and services and tells where they can be obtained. Online store allows you to place an order directly on the website and, of course, gives an information about the company.


We already know the priority function and have chosen the type of corporate site. Now you need to decide who to order it from. Just don’t go to hobbyists and self-taught designers. You don’t need an absolutely useless tool that doesn’t take into account your interests and the needs of the target audience?

A professional web studio will provide not only a beautiful picture, but also work under all types of operating systems and browsers. You can expect the software to be tested under different conditions, and customers will be satisfied with the design and functionality.

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