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Smartphones and tablet computers have changed people’s lives. You don’t have to hurry home to go online and get an important information. Now this can be done at any time, if your smartphone is near.

If the owners and managers of trading and manufacturing enterprises, online stores already have a developed popular site, it needs to be modified, i.e you need to make its mobile version.


You probably ask why you need to create a new version of the site or modify it, if the usual full version looks good on a computer. Your site can be the best, it can be in the top 10 of Yandex results. But it is impossible working with it on a smartphone screen.

Images take up all phone memory, it takes a long time to load information. Pictures also look small and it is impossible to see the details. And these are not all the reasons why you need to create a mobile version of the site. And this means that you need to carefully work on design not forgetting about small smartphone screens. You need to work on usability and layout. And of course the content. Yes, text of 2-3 thousand characters looks good on a computer monitor, but it is impossible to read it from a smartphone. You need to shorten the information, keeping only the important part.

Also, you need to do a little change in functionality, menu structure and sections. The main goal is to keep the style and content of the website. If a company sells metal-roll products, this should be clear, no matter which version the client use.

Do you still doubt that a special version is needed for smartphones and tablets? Think that visitors using only computers are enough? Now we will prove that you are mistaken.

According to various research groups, at the end of 2019, more than 70 million people in Russia used mobile devices to go online. Roughly 50 million people use both smartphones and computers. But at least 10 million Russians receive all the necessary information only from phones and tablets. And there are more and more such people over the past 5 years. But the number of laptop and computer users is declining.

Have we convinced you to create a mobile version of the site? Not?! Then some more information. If there is no mobile version, you cannot even dream about top search engine results. Clients also leave. Any site must be indexed, in order for search engines to pay attention to them. Several years ago, representatives of Google and Yandex confirmed that it is difficult, and sometimes impossible, to claim high positions in search results in the absence of APPs. And obviously, if there is no tablet version, you can forget about successful promotion on the Internet.

One more point. More than half of Internet users claim that they will not even try to work with the regular version of the site using a smartphone. There is no adaptation and the client goes to the competitors’ website. They increase sales, and you are wondering how to get your partners back.

Mobile version development options

If we have convinced you that full-fledged business development is impossible without an APP, you only need to decide which of the two development methods to choose:

Separate version

The main site is not removed.

Adaptive design

You are working with a single site. The design depends on which device the client uses to sign in.

The first option is perfect for those who already have a high-quality, profitable website and do not want to do a redesign. The second one is perfect for those who are just starting to create their own website and want to attract the attention of smartphone fans from the beginning.


You should be aware that very few existing sites are mobile friendly. With us, potential visitors and buyers will pay attention to you.

We offer services for the development of a mobile version, relying on the full one.

Standard work package:

  • development of the prototype and design of all pages
  • layout and writing of program code
  • linking the mobile version of the site to the full one
  • selection of text and pictures
  • testing on different types of devices.

The terms of work depend on the number of pages, design requirements, amount of content and other factors. Additionally, we provide Internet promotion services.

Have we convinced you that you need to develop a mobile version of the site? Contact us, or fill out the application below on the website. We are ready to cooperate!

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