Business development is impossible without an online store. This especially applies to a company that sells household appliances, to plant that makes heating radiators with purchased spare parts. Both enterprises can and should attract customers through the global web.

The online store will help with this. Everything in it is almost the same as in a regular store. The only difference is the lack of real selling space. Product information is collected in the catalog. A customer who wants to purchase something places an order online. Delivery is carried out by couriers, post, transport companies. The products are paid in cash after receiving, by bank transfer, e-wallets, etc.

The main advantage of online stores for potential buyers is the opportunity to make purchases at any time of the day and night. And there is a large selection of products and low prices, in contrast to live stores.

The online store helps businessmen to save on hiring staff and renting premises. At the same time it increases the target audience and income. But this works on condition that professionals, for example, us, are engaged in the development of the structure, design, catalogs.


Online stores development is a core activity of our company. First of all, we analyze the idea in the smallest details, then put it into practice. Our additional services: website promotion and getting it to the top 10 results of Yandex and Google. We study design features, customer psychology and put our knowledge into practice. The result is an effective resource that brings profit to its owner.

There are general steps that must be followed when working on any online store (regardless of its scale and the product being sold):


analysis of the target audience and competitors’ sites. This information is the basis for an individual offer that is competitive.


well-done usability. An online store should be easy to use. If a user has to spend 10-15 minutes looking for a catalog and a page of choosing the desired product, he will most likely go to competitors. There will be no such situations with us.


work on a prototype with all the significant elements of each page


design development. First, a whole trend is discussed with the client, we come to an agreement. Then the details are studied. We also create adaptive designs for smartphones and tablets, if necessary.


selection of a platform, writing program code. The main point at this step is getting the correct display of the store pages in all used browsers (in any versions). Your customers get the opportunity to open a website with your store, no matter what software they have installed.


filling the catalog, writing the content that is interesting for people and attractive for search bots.

To complete the work, you only need to test it in different conditions, for example, if a customer added a product into «View later» or for comparison, wants to purchase several products with identical characteristics, but different sizes, etc. Write-off from the warehouse, interaction with the used accounting program, bank acquiring, etc. are also checked. At the last step, we register a domain and set up an e-mail.

The keys to the finished working website are in your hands now. You can upload it to hosting and get the first users.


Many people work in the development of online stores: from students to programmers, for whom this is just a hobby.

But you should choose us. Because we:

  • know what real promotion is and how to get to the first lines of the Top quickly and with minimal expences
  • work with all platforms. We will advise and select the best option, taking into account the specific situation.
  • are always avaiable. Technical support works 24/7;
  • can offer original unusual functionality.

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